May newsletter 2018

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May newsletter 2018

Here are the events we have coming up over the next few months. Please get in touch with us for more information or see the Facebook page 🙂

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  • Disgruntled NHS worker says:

    I think that you are taking the parking a little too seriously. Come on, it’s at a Doctor’s surgery and you are “reserving” ALL of the spaces, even when you are not there!!! Come on where is your community spirit and let the surgery use some of them.

    • Naomi Snelling says:


      I think I may have spoken to you on the phone but just incase I am sorry for the delay in replying to this as I have only just seen it. The parking issue which you refer to is to do with The Abbey Field Centre which, although we hope to make use of in the future, isn’t currently run by us. The Mercury Theatre are leasing the building off the council for the next two years so the concerns you may still have are best taken up with them. We have contacts there so I can certainly mention it to them on your behalf- if that is helpful to you then please let me know your contact details. We too are certainly keen for stronger sense of community spirit in this area 🙂

      Best wishes
      Naomi Snelling
      Abbeyfield Community Project

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