AbbeyfieldIn June 2005 a vision and strategy for the AbbeyField Community Development was drawn up by leaders from the local Anglican, Methodist and URC churches. The vision included

“to be a presence on the new development from day one, to help engender a true sense of community among the new residents, to meet the needs of a new community as it develops, to work along side other bodies to ensure that adequate community facilities are provided within a suitable time frame and to establish the foundation for on going Christian work in the community.”

By January 2006 Colchester Evangelical Church and Salvation Army Colchester Corp were also part of this group. It was decided that Colchester Evangelical Church would move their church from Abbeygate Street and relocate on the new AbbeyField development under the new name of ‘AbbeyField Community Church’.

Today’s Abbeyfield Community Project (ACP) Vision is:

· To be and show a united Christian presence on the Abbeyfield development.

· To pioneer new ways of growing spirit-led Christian communities on new housing estates

· To grow self-financing, self-propagating Christian community in Abbeyfield

· Explore emerging opportunities for networking with other like-minded groups.

· To celebrate all local initiatives, both small and large.