The Project

AbbeyfieldThe ‘AbbeyField Community Project’ is a group of local churches working together with the residents of AbbeyField to establish and maintain a thriving community where everyone has a sense of belonging and value.

If you are a resident of the AbbeyField and have any ideas as to what you would like to see happen, or are willing to help at any event please contact us.

Richard Smith

Richard and KatyRichard Smith works as the Church Community Worker for Abbeyfield Community Project, and has lived on the Marlborough Place neighbourhood for several years.  Richard is married to Katy, and they enjoy life (most of the time!)with a two year old son.


“I love working with people to make a difference where we live.  So I’m always looking for opportunities to help people help their neighbours, and improve the neighbourhoods they live in.  I believe that we can do good things when we get together.”

When he’s not working in the  neighbourhoods, Richard loves to be out in the countryside, in the mountains, cycling, or meeting up with friends.