The Project

AbbeyfieldThe ‘AbbeyField Community Project’ is a group of local churches working together with the residents of AbbeyField to establish and maintain a thriving community where everyone has a sense of belonging and value.

If you are a resident of the AbbeyField and have any ideas as to what you would like to see happen, or are willing to help at any event please contact us.

New Times for New Faces

SteveTinaArminClareIn September 2013 Steve and Tina Lawton took up part time roles as church and community workers for the Abbeyfield Community Project based on the Marlborough Place neighbourhood. This came after Richard Smith had done a fantastic job making relationships, putting on activities and supporting the area. Steve and Tina along with Jim and Liz Andrews, lead the Colchester Boiler Room which brings a heart for prayer, people and community to the role and were pleased to be able to make a start building on Richards work over the past three years.

Tina and Steve took up residence in the Community House in September 2013. Along with them Clare, a health care worker and member of the community also moved in and adds stability to the community household. An additional bonus was the entrance of Armin, a German student working with St Stephen’s Church in New Town (one of the supporting churches). This brings a young perspective to the house and builds the link with the local church.

SteveandTinaExcitment and anticipation has built and the hope of possibilities is rising. There is much to do and good friends to do it with.

In addition to work, community and family life Tina and Steve love to eat great food.

Steve and Tina Lawton, Abbeyfield Church and Community Workers